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Making sure you have a strong partnership before your baby is born can go a long way in making the first years of parenting go more smoothly.  You and your partner are your baby’s world, and your relationship will affect them.  So take advantage of this new local class being offered as one more way to give your baby the best chance at a positive outcome…Right from the start!

You and your healthcare provider should work together to decide which medicines are safe for you to take during pregnancy.  However, it’s also great to have access to expert information as well. 

At this time, there is no solid research stating that exposure to pesticides will increase the risk of birth defects or preterm labor.  However, it is known that pesticides can be dangerous to our health.  Until more is known, pregnant women are advised to be around pesticides as little as possible so you can limit possible risks for you and your baby.  Right from the start.  

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