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The basics of a healthy eating are the same during pregnancy, with a few additional nutrients necessary.  Eating well will help you stay healthy during pregnancy and help to build a strong baby.  Right from the start. 

During pregnancy, you need a balanced diet with foods from each food group.  You should limit “junk food” so most of your calories are giving you and your baby nutrients.  Taking prenatal vitamins will make sure that you get the additional vitamins and minerals you need.  Make sure your vitamin includes folic acid, which is super important for spine and brain development in your baby. 


Mayo Clinic’s Pregnancy Diet resource tells you which nutrients you need the most during pregnancy and where to get them.  It even includes specific food amounts.  Access it here.

The American Academy of Physician’s Assistants has an awesome PDF you can download and print.  It includes everything you need to know to eat healthy during pregnancy.  You can find it here

Definitely check out the USDA’s site, where you find a food plan tailored specifically for pregnant women.  The experts have done all the work for you here

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